Introduction to photographer Gozra Lorenzo’s new book

posted June 15, 2011 at 2:49 pm in Interviews, Photography

IMAGE-creator supreme, Gozra Lozano documents his obsessions; the fabulous kings and queens of the night, legendary pop-stars, fantastic Faster Pussycat predator women, real girls and unreal girls and the androgynous in between. Gozra is an insider, collaborating with these uncategorisable gender out-laws, and rock and roll exotics. No bystander, Gozra is a co-conspirator in these elaborate highly stylised surrreal fantasies.

With his skilful, glossy uber-glamour sheen, Gozra transforms his subjects into baroque cameos and decadent mise en scènes oozing black diamonds, bloody vermillion hues, deadly venus flytraps, love and rockets.

With his brilliant and perverse imagination, Gozra metamorphoses the human into supersexy devas, divas and daemons. “I don´t do reality,”he says, “I present my subjects in a glamorous way, the way they want to be represented.”

Yet under all this shimmer and sheen, Gozra displays a deep empathy with his subjects; these imperious, rapacious, predatory women and his tender thugs sporting their bloodied faces.”

Whether crowned with thorns, or bedecked by extravagant orchids, garlanded in roses or re-envisaging a modern day Madonna La Pietà, in Gozra´s work the human body becomes almost divine and if not against nature, as Huysmans had it, his work somehow transcends or transmutes it “putting the more into glamour.”

by Caroline Simpson

Published June 2011